Xilinx Computer Chips Or SoCs Are Available In A Variety Of Forms

Have you looked at the product listings for Xilinx lately? They offer a variety of different products, and they can be grouped into categories. If you know Xilinx, you know FPGAs. But there are also SoCs, too. What does SoC stand for? It stands for system on a chip, and many people buy these chips for their versatility and flexibility. Have you been looking at all the computer chips offered by Xilinx?

SOCs Available At Xilinx

There are the products from the bargain basement, and then there are those higher end SoCs available from Xilinx. Then you also might want to compare the products from Xilinx with other companies, too. When it comes to the computer chips that Xilinx offers, let’s look at some examples. On the high end, you have the Zynq Ultra Scale RFSoC with RF data converters. However, this isn’t the only high end chip from Xilinx.

Zynq Ultra Scale RFSoC with SD-FEC cores

In some ways, it could be argued that all the chips from the company are high end, but you will have to decide that for yourself. There is also the Zynq Ultra Scale RFSoC with SD-FEC cores. That is another product that is labeled high end. Maybe you are looking at all the products and appreciate the peek, but you know your budget and need a cheaper product. You know what you need, so let’s look at some of those cost efficient Xilinx computer chips as well.

Optimized Products

By the way, there are what the company itself calls mid range products as well. As for the cost efficient or cost optimized products as Xilinx puts it, there is the Zynq 7000 SoC Artix devices. I am more familiar with these devices than the others, and that probably is the same for most consumers and developers. If I were you, I would start there and then look beyond them if you need something on the high end.

Just don’t skip over those mid range products. They might be a good fit as well. Let’s take a look at the name for one of the middle range products as well. The Zynq 7000 SoC Kintex devices are considered to be mid range products. As you can tell, don’t see Zynq 7000 and think that they are all the same. What comes after that label is how you distinguish the cost optimized from the mid range and high end products. Check them out to see what Xilinx chip fits the budget and project you have in mind. To make the best out of your project,buy fpga in budget.