Xenon HID Versus LED Lights

As an industry standard all new cars, with the exclusion of some luxury models, come with halogen lights. These lights have been preferred over other available options due to their affordability and ease of manufacture. In recent years however, better options in terms of performance, durability and efficiency have come up.

Technological advancements have made it possible for car makers to manufacture and market HID and LED lights for car use. These welcome alternatives are meant to help enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and aesthetics of car lights. Although these lights are pre-fitted on various brand new luxury cars, they can be fitted on other cars as aftermarket parts. Read on below to find out more about HID and LED car lights.

What Are HID Lights?

Let’s start by looking at HID Xenon lights. HID lights are similar to the widely used halogen lights in that they include the use of a gas in their operation. This feature also marks their difference from their solid state LED counterparts. To ensure that they burn brighter than other available alternatives, HID lights use Xenon gas in place of halogen gas. Passing Xenon gas over an electric charge results in the production of a brighter light when compared to halogen and even LED lights.

In addition to being brighter, HID lights are also known to last much longer than halogen lights. However, since HID lights do not have the solid construction used in LED lights, they tend to have a much shorter useful life. With extended use these lights usually burn at a lower or higher temperature and with it produce varying levels of light. This can substantially affect their level of effectiveness. As such, these lights present buyers with a short term solution.

What Are LED Lights?

Over the last few years, LED lights have gained a lot of ground in terms of popularity. Their high efficiency and durability have endeared them to many buyers, offering a lot of value. LED lights usually use a number of light emitting diodes to convert electricity to light with a higher level of efficiency as compared to the industry standard, halogen lights, and the more advanced Xenon HID lights.

Due to their solid construction, LED lights are also known to provide users with an extended period of service before replacements become necessary. As such, LED lights present buyers with a cost effective option over the long term. It is also worth noting that fitting LED lights on a car will only take a few minutes, regardless of whether you are a professional mechanic or not.

It is now common for car owners to replace standard halogen lights with the brighter and more efficient alternatives in the form of HID and LED lights. As clearly stated from above, HID lights make for a better short term solution as compared to the solidly built LED lights. However, as LED lights become more affordable, buyers will be more likely to choose them over their main rivals in the form of HID lights. To shop now for LED light contact us or visit the website.