What a Korean Body Scrub is and How it Can Make You Healthier

Korean beauty products are popping up all over. There is a good reason for this. Many of the ingredients and properties in these products have been used successfully for younger, healthier looking skin for centuries. One of the more popular products to be sold outside of Korea is Korean body scrub.

Types of Korean Scrubs

There are two types of Korean scrubs. There is the actual body scrub that is done in a spa, and there are scrub mitts that you can buy in just about any cosmetics or beauty supply store.

Traditional Scrubs

What these scrubs are, traditionally, are scrubs done by a spa attendant. After going through a soak a spa maid will use an microdermamitt deep exfoliating mitt to scrub a person’s entire body. The process is not exactly enjoyable. In fact, for many people, it feels like they are being assaulted by very rough sandpaper.

The idea is to get rid of the upper dead layers of skin. What is left behind is renewed, albeit reddened, skin. For centuries, Koreans relied upon these scrubs as a means to stay clean for the month it usually took for them to revisit a spa and have the luxury of being bathed. The idea of scrubbing off layers of skin means getting rid of layers of dirt. The entire process helps exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin’s circulation.

Today, many spas offer traditional soak and scrub services. Often, there is also a sauna experience added to the bath scrub. The other option is to buy a prepackaged scrub mitt and use it at home.

All you need is the mitt of your choice. They can be purchased online where there is a wide selection of Korean exfoliating mitts. Some are rougher than others. They can also be purchased in multipacks or single packages. They are often sold as mittens as well as exfoliating bath washcloths.

Excellent Results

Start by showering. Then, run a warm bath and soak in it for about 20 minutes. Next, use the mitt or cloth to rub away all the dead skin on your body. You do not have to rub as hard as the attendant at a proper spa might do. But, you will notice dead skin falling away from your body. Once you are done, rub oil on your skin to moisturize it. You will come away feeling renewed. Your skin will also look like it has a new life.