The Sign Of True Love – A Diamond from Verragio

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend – well at least that’s what Marilyn Monroe said in 1953 when she starred in the Hollywood hit Gentleman Prefer Blondes.

Is  beauty as simple as a carbon stone?

It depends on how that stone is set and who the artist is who sets it. Diamonds are not particularly rare, the supply of them is held by a company that controls the world supply. But they are simply beautiful. Set in the right ring they shine and bring beauty to the world.

How does one find that perfect setting? It all begins with the designer. Barry Verragio is one of the world’s premier sculptures of fine jewelry.

It is not the materials that he works with – although those are the highest quality – it is the care and attention to detail that sets this designer apart from others who work both with precious metals and the stones that are famous for being signs of love and devotion.

The studio that this designer runs is based on a simple but elegant philosophy. The words of Albert Einstein. ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing many different times and expecting a different outcome.’

Designer Jewelry

Many designers of engagement rings or other items of jewelry do exactly that. They mimic the advances of others.

However, the approach of reinventing the idea of the engagement ring or the wedding band must also be tempered by the thought that there is a reason behind tradition.

The traditional band or ring has a form and function that has remained true for centuries – and there is a reason behind that.

Piece Of Beautiful Carbon

Each ring is placed on a finger – with that piece of beautiful carbon, that diamond becomes something more special. It becomes a symbol of love and devotion.

Can Verragio make that dream of love and devotion a reality? Possibly not – however a designer like Barry Verragio will purchase a diamond online and make it shine in a setting that sets it off in the most perfect way possible.

Each ring from this design studio will make dreams come true. it is not the diamond that makes those dreams – it is the person who wears that unique piece of jewelry. That is what makes each piece of the creations of this design house special – that simple applied creativity.