Treating Ichthyosis Vulgaris

Ichthyosis vulgaris is a skin condition. It is usually an inherited condition and those afflicted are not able to shed their own dead skin cells. This results in the dead, dry skin cells accumulating on the person’s body and creating patches that resemble fish scales. This is one reason why the disease is also called the “fish scale disease“. Most cases are mild and do spread all over the body. Instead, the patches of scaly skin are limited to small areas. If the case is severe, a person may have areas of scaly and dry skin covering their back, abdomen, legs, and arms.

Relieving Worst Symptoms of Ichthyosis Vulgaris

When a person has this condition, it is usually worst in the winter. This is because the air is dryer and colder which seems to aggravate the condition. There is currently no cure for this condition, but there are treatments which can help relieve the worst symptoms.



Exfoliating the skin with a pumice stone or a loofah following a shower or bath can help. This treatment will remove the dry and excess skin and help relieve itching. You can try high quality exfoliating gloves for exfoliation on regular basis. Visit and grab a pair of exfoliating gloves online.

Stay Moisturized

It is also important that anyone with this condition regularly use moisturizers all over their body. These moisturizers should have propylene glycol or urea as one of their ingredients. The best moisturizers to help with this condition contain lactic or salicylic acid or urea which can help the skin shed the dead skin cells.

Prescription Medication

There are also prescription medications which can help relieve the symptoms of this condition. These medications are designed to help remove the dead skin cells and control itching and inflammation. There are two main types of prescription medications used to treat ichthyosis vulgaris. These are alpha hydroxy or lactic acids and retinoids.

The acids help reduce scaling and retain the skin’s moisture. The retinoids are used for severe cases and help decrease how many skin cells are produced.

Why You Should Check Out Jewelry Stores Far Hills Dayton Ohio?

If you’re going to be buying a new piece of jewelry, you shouldn’t make your purchase online. Instead of ordering what you want from a website, you should visit a local jewelry store! Here are a few reasons for you to check out jewelry stores Far Hills Dayton Ohio.

You’ll Have A Chance To See The Products In Person

If you buy from a local jewelry store, you won’t have to buy blind. Instead, you’ll be able to see what you are purchasing ahead of time. You will have the opportunity to check out the piece or pieces you’re considering and see if they are a good fit for you.

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You’ll Be Able To Get Advice

When you buy from a jewelry store, you’ll be able to ask the expert employees at the store for advice. They’ll be able to tell you all about the pieces that you’re thinking about.

It can be difficult to choose the right jewelry, especially if you’re not an expert. Thankfully, shopping at a brick and mortar jewelry store will allow you to get extra assistance when you need it. If you have a question, you’ll be able to get an answer before you make your purchase.

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You’ll Be Able To Enjoy Additional Services

When you buy at a great local jewelry store, you won’t just get a piece of jewelry. You’ll also be able to have your jewelry cleaned and repaired in the future. You’ll be able to keep the pieces you buy in excellent condition.

If you’re going to be buying new jewelry, you should make sure that your shopping experience is a positive one. Local jewelers can offer you things that online vendors can’t provide. You can check your Elizabeth Diamond Company – Dayton Location jewelry store and see what they can offer you.

Effective Ichthyosis Treatments

Even though there are so many factors that can leave your skin dry and scaly, ichthyosis is one of the most common skin diseases in this regard. The condition cannot be completely cured, but there are many treatments that can relieve the symptoms of the condition and keep you feeling comfortable in your own skin. In fact, ichthyosis is not one disease but a combination of more than 20 skin conditions that lead to a dry and scaly skin. Here are effective ichthyosis treatments to cure the symptoms of the condition.

ichthyosis - scaly skin

Starting Period Of Ichthyosis

Ichthyosis can be inherited as well as acquired. Inherited ichthyosis is caused by changes in the genes. The changes in the genes can affect the proteins in the skin that help protect moisture in the skin. Parents will pass these genes to their kids. Some people act as carriers since they have the gene but don’t show any symptoms. On the other hand, acquired ichthyosis starts in the adulthood of an individual. Doctors are still unaware of the actual cause of this condition. In fact, patients who suffer from acquired ichthyosis suffer from other condition such as kidney disease, underactive thyroid gland, cancer such as Hodgkin lymphoma, HIV infections, and Sarcoidosis.

ichthyosis - scaly skin

Skin Care Treatments

Although there are no treatments to completely cure ichthyosis, there are treatments to manage the symptoms such as a dry and scaly skin using exfoliating gloves and other methods. There are various creams, ointments, and lotions that help add moisture onto your skin. You should look for a cream or ointment that has lanolin, alpha hydroxy acids, and propylene glycol. Also, creams with ceramides or cholesterol can help keep our skin moist. Apply the cream or lotion when your skin is still damp. These are some of the best treatments to deal with the symptoms of ichthyosis. The above read offers information on effective ichthyosis treatments. To know more visit

Where To Get The Best Travel Exfoliating Mitts Available Today

One of the best things that you can do for your skin is to exfoliate on a regular basis. This is a process by which the upper layer of your skin is scrubbed. Dead skin cells are removed during this process, and it is something that you will experience if you ever have a facial done. This process can occur by using certain chemicals that are safe on your skin, or it can be done through mechanical means. One of the best ways to do this on your own is by using exfoliating mitts. Here is how you can find the best travel exfoliating body glove that are sold today.

How Do They Work?

These are designed to gently scrub the upper layer of your face. They will use different types of material that can accomplish this task. They are not very abrasive, but rough enough to remove dead skin cells that are on the top of your healthy skin that can cause problems such as acne and premature aging. By moving the exfoliating mitt in circular patterns, you can safely and effectively do this every day. If you are going to be traveling, you will want to find the best travel exfoliating mitts that are sold so that you can do this wherever you happen to be going.

skin care

How To Find The Best Travel Exfoliating Mitts

There are companies that sell cosmetic products designed to help you look your best. They will have these mitts available. You may have to find a business that also sells travel mitts that are designed to be smaller and can easily be put into your travel bag. You can find reviews online that will lead you to the best ones. They will also show you which ones are the most affordable. There are many review websites that can help you understand which ones are currently the best. This will lead you to the most inexpensive exfoliating mitts that are currently sold today.

Local Craft Jewelry In Ohio

Jewelry is a valuable part of anyone’s personal style. While the idea that one needs expensive jewelry has long been touted as the superior way to show off, more and more people in the twenty-first century are finding that colorful, locally made jewelry is a superior option. This is for a number of reasons.

Low-Cost Craft Jewelry

The first is that expensive jewelry made of precious metals and precious stones tends to cost far more than most people could ever hope to spend. A less expensive pretty bauble, however, can be a great way to improve one’s style without out breaking their budget. Many people can even afford low cost locally made jewelry as an impulse purchase and while one can still go overboard, ten dollars for an unusual and eye catching pair of earrings or necklace can be a casual purchase.

Of course, you can still find craft jewelry that costs a few hundred dollars. However, you’re unlikely to find local craft jewelry in Ohio that costs a few thousand.

Local Craft Jewelry As Art

Additionally, after some decades of being convinced by advertising that only expensive stones and metals can be jewelry, people are rediscovered that their ancestors knew; that jewelry is a personal expression of the self using whatever is at hand rather than of one’s wealth.

The Ohio area has a large number of hobbyist and professional jewelry makers constructing such personal and charming items, typically at prices far lower than the kind of high-grade items sold at jewelry stores. A number of them are hobbyists rather than professionals, but many of them tend to flock towards crafts fairs and open air markets to sell their wares. These fairs and markets are held all over the Ohio area, particularly around urban and suburban areas, such as Cleveland and Cincinnati and their surrounding environs. Visit Elizabeth Diamond Company Jewelry for best designs and great prices.

Bath Gloves Work To Cleanse, Clean & Exfoliate Your Facial Skin

Have you ever caught yourself rubbing your face? Come on, we all do it from time to time. Even if it’s just rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you rub your face, too. It’s actually not a good idea to rub your face too much. Sometimes you are waking your face up, sometimes you are wiping it off, sometimes you have an itch and sometimes it’s just a nervous habit. You can sport a glove instead, a bath glove and wipe your face as much as you want to the tune of many benefits for your skin.

best exfoliating mitt

These bath gloves stimulate circulation, and they really work to exfoliate your skin. I have a nervous habit of using my hands at times to exfoliate my facial skin anyway. So this type of glove would give me the perfect opportunity to rub my face with reason. Stimulate collagen in the face and skin by enjoying smooth skin with exfoliating mitt to get the dead skin off of your face. You are also cleaning and cleaning your facial skin. Just think about how fresh your face will feel coming out of the shower.

Benefits Of Bath Gloves

Do they come with their own soap or lather, or do you have to buy the cleaning products? I looked up one, and it didn’t say anything about the ingredients. But I have looked at other product descriptions for them that have offered up a lot more information. There are different kinds so make sure you know what you are buying when you get bath gloves or best exfoliating gloves for cleansing, cleaning and exfoliating your skin.

best exfoliating mitt

They say this is the way to enjoy a quick facial lather. Maybe you don’t have time for the facial mask this morning but want the benefits. It could be that you use the masks at night but need something quick for being on the go in the morning. With so many great benefits, including being convenient, the bath gloves start to sound like a good investment. For further queries visit

Finding Brilliant Diamond Jewelry In Dayton

When it comes to precious gemstones, it’s hard to find a stone that is as widely loved as the diamond. The diamond is known for its sparkle and its durability. As the old adage says, diamonds last forever.

If you’re planning on buying diamond jewelry in the Dayton area, there are a number of things you are going to have to consider. Follow these tips, and you should be able to find the right diamond jewelry to purchase.

Buy From The Right Store

It’ll be a lot easier for you to find beautiful and brilliant diamonds if you buy your jewelry from a great jewelry store. If you don’t know much about the jewelers in the Dayton area, now is the perfect time for you to learn more. Study your options and decide where you would like to shop.


Don’t Forget Your C’s

When you buy diamond jewelry, you need to think about the four C’s. What are these C’s? They are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Not all diamonds are the same. You should aim to find a diamond that offers all of these things.

Find A Jeweler That Can Work With Your Budget

Not everyone can afford to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on diamond jewelry. Luckily, there are a lot of options on the market that are more affordable. You should be able to find a jeweler that is able to work with the budget you have set. Seek out a jeweler with diamond jewelry that is affordable for you.

Are you trying to find brilliant diamond jewelry in Dayton? Buying great diamond jewelry is a lot easier than you might think. If you use the advice above, you’ll be able to find a jewelry store that has everything you want and more!

You can try diamond jewelry range of Elizabeth Diamond Company if you are in search of a reputable jewelry provider.

What The Top Stores In Troy For Jewelry Have In Common

If you’re looking at the top stores in Troy for jewelry, it’s important to take into consideration what the top rated stores do differently than your run-of-the-mill jewelry stores found anywhere in America. Chances are, you’ll recognize that the best jewelry stores have a great selection of items, fantastic customer service, and even better pricing that’s competitive in today’s market!

Troy Jewelry

First and foremost, the top stores in your area should provide optimal customer service. That means the moment you step in the door, there should be a sales representative willing to help you and to answer all of your questions in a timely manner. It’s never a good sign when you’re standing there and no one can help you figure out what you hope to get out of the shopping process.

Good Jewelry At A Reasonable Price

Great pricing is another aspect of the top jewelry stores in your area. You don’t want to end up paying more for item than it’s really worth, especially when looking at designer pieces that are oftentimes manufactured from lower quality metals and gemstones, but you still end up paying a great deal of money for the designer name. A good jewelry store will not only offer quality designers that don’t sacrifice craftsmanship and materials, but they will offer them at a reasonable price.

Exchange Policy Of Jewelry Items

Lastly, top-rated best Troy Jewelry Store will have a good return or exchange policy for all of their jewelry items. Not all pieces of jewelry are returnable, but if you have something wrong with your purchase, a good jewelry store should be willing to stand behind them. For example, if something breaks or a gemstone comes loose, or jewelry repair is needed the company should step up to the plate and take responsibility. Now that you know what the top jewelry stores have to offer, you’ll have an easier time finding them in your area!

The Best Exfoliating Gloves In 2018

Technology progress has multiple implications in all industries and areas of activity. The cosmetics and beauty accessories industry makes no exception. Every year, new and better devices appear, making our job of taking care of ourselves much easier.

This is why the best exfoliating gloves of 2018 will be totally different than the ones of one or two decades ago. New materials are discovered, featuring superior properties, materials that are used to make beauty accessories among other things that make our lives a bit better.

the best exfoliating gloves online

Best Exfoliating Gloves

The best mitts of 2018 are going to be the ones made from materials that can be effective and gentle at the same time. The main point in exfoliating is to remove dead skin cells, in order to allow new ones to form. The result should be a smooth and velvet-like skin, rather than redness and irritation. In addition, the ideal glove has to be hypoallergenic, in order to suit all types of skins. This is why effectiveness has had to be redefined to suit the new beauty and skin care concepts of our modern world. Some of the most innovative products are the mitts designed especially for exfoliating the sensitive facial skin. Some of them have makeup removal properties, thus being even more sought-after by all women seeking for an effective yet mild way to remove their makeup in the evening.

This new concept has rapidly gained a lot of fans, many women being happy to give up their scrubs and exfoliating gels in favor of these gentle gloves. We can safely assume that they are going to be in the top 2018 exfoliating gloves, together with loofah and other natural options. More and more people are willing to make the switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle, so it is expected that they will choose this type of products over traditional ones.

You can consider Microdermamitt as your exfoliating glove. Order these online at

Effective Ways To Use An Exfoliating Mitt?

Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells from your skin. There are many benefits of removing dead skin cells from the skin. It prevents clogged pores and acne and improves the appearance of the skin. When dull and damaged skin is removed, new healthy skin will grow in the area. Exfoliation mitts are some of the most effective tools for this purpose. In fact, an exfoliation mitt or glove is designed to be used with or without an exfoliant scrub. These gloves could be used for every part of the body without any problem. They are ideal for removing dead skin cells from large areas of the body – where small sponges are too time-consuming, and scrubs are expensive. Here are some of the most effective ways to use the best exfoliating mitt for your body.

best exfoliating mitt

Choose Lightweight Exfoliating Mitt

You should choose an exfoliating mitt that is lightweight and fits your hand comfortably. Very rough gloves can damage your skin. So avoid such products. You should try the exfoliation glove before you buy it to see if it fits properly. Once you have chosen a quality glove, it is easy to begin the exfoliation process.

How to Exfoliate Using Exfoliating Mitt?

First, wet your skin and the glove with warm water. Apply a few drops of an exfoliant scrub to the glove. It should form a lather. If required add more water until it forms a lather. Massage the skin by moving the glove over the skin using gentle pressure in circular motions. Don’t use the mitt near the eyes or any sensitive area. If you feel a burning sensation, stop the exfoliation and wait for some time for the skin to recover. Rinse the mitt to wash off dead skin cells from it. Exfoliation can increase the dryness of the skin. Hence, use a moisturizer to lock water into the skin. This whole process will help you get a healthy skin.

The above read offers effective ways to use an exfoliation mitt.