Is It Worth Visiting A Jewelry Store In Coldwater, Ohio?

Sitting roughly equally between Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Columbus or Dayton is the village of Coldwater. It’s in Ohio’s Mercer County. Roughly five thousand people call this place home, and knowing some of them might be your only reason for getting so far off an interstate highway to come visit this place. On the other hand, shopping might be a great reason to come here too.

Visit All Local Jewelry Stores

Coming here to visit a jewelry stores in Ohio is a chance to take advantage of several opportunities if you are a collector of jewelry or looking for particular pieces to add to your collection.

For starters, given how far this village is away from the larger cities, the retail markups that come with being in an urban area are unlikely to happen here. That’s especially true if you visit a local store that’s family owned or operated, or even just run by an independent jeweler that also uses it as his or her workspace.

Find Unique Pieces

Another thing that works to your benefit is that you might find pieces here that you simply would not find elsewhere. Many craftspeople enjoy making one-of-a-kind pieces that are as individual as they are, and creative types love smaller places, such as Coldwater. It’s close enough to the bigger cities to enjoy concerts, sporting events, and transportation connections, but residents here still get to enjoy small-town living and a slower, quieter pace of life. Local artisans still have to sell their creations though, and whatever they might not sell online or have yet to list might be sitting on shelves and in display cases of the local stores. That means that you can find pieces that don’t exist anywhere else in the world.

Check Out Auction Colltions

You might also find estate auction collections involving vintage pieces or even collectibles and heirlooms. When local residents pass away, the contents of their estates might not always fall into the hands of survivors, or even if they do, they might not want the jewelry of their parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. That means they wind up for sale.

If you do look around here and don’t find anything special, you might at least get ideas you can ask about. Local artisans love taking custom orders, since they’re pretty much guaranteed the sale, and they can create a custom piece to fit the needs of a specific client.