How Do You Use An Exfoliating Glove For Your Face?

You know that exfoliating your skin keeps it younger and healthier, as dead or dying cells get replaced with new growth. However, how to do you do this? Many are starting to turn to exfoliating gloves for their face for this. How do you use them?

Skin Massages And Exfoliation

The directions for exfoliating gloves will vary depending on the specific pair that you get, but for the most part, you’re going to pour a gentle portion of body wash over the gloves before rubbing them over your face in circular motions. It is best to use a scrub that comes from the same product manufacturer, designed specifically to work with the very gloves that you have purchased. In most cases, you can get the maximum effect by using them two or even three times a week. Using on consecutive days is rarely a good idea, as your body won’t have a chance to recover. Routine skin massages and exfoliation should help your skin firm up and get toned. Most gloves just need rinsing after use before you hang them up to dry.

Consult Industry Expert Reviews

Pay attention to the condition of your gloves over time. With enough contact and surface abrasion, even if gentle and with body wash or scrub, the gloves are going to lose their caliber after a while. Even if they don’t start hurting, they might stop being effective. Check with the manufacturer to see how long a pair of exfoliating gloves for Skin exfoliator for body should last for your face, and also consult industry expert reviews and even the feedback of other consumers to see how long they lasted for them. Replacing your gloves will be necessary after a while, but that’s also going to be a chance to enjoy newer technologies and products that have come out since then.

When looking for such products, also keep in mind that you can either get a pair of exfoliating gloves or just a single exfoliating glove that works on just one hand. Both can be just as effective, so it’s really just up to your own personal preference how you’d like to do it. Some consumers like the feeling of balance of exfoliating with two gloves simultaneously, but it’s also possible to reach all areas of your face with your one hand in most cases. Also, considering that most people have one dominant hand, a single glove can sometimes mean equal levels of exfoliation all over the facial skin. Some also have trouble putting their wash or scrub on the gloves if they’re wearing them on both hands. To know more visit the website at