Hair Growth Serums – The Best Ingredients Reviewed

Of all the products that help grow hair, serums are popular. Not every product will be right for you, however, so it pays to take some time to read reviews. This helps you understand what ingredients are in the best products �” meaning the most effective products at regrowing hair- so that you know what to look for.

Minoxidil is among the most effective ingredients at regrowing hair. However, this topical solution is often regarded as more harmful in the long run because of the effects it has on a person’s health. Side effects can include rapid weight gain, chest pain or trouble breathing. Even if this comes in a serum formula, most people will want to try something that can regrow hair without side effects as scary as those.

Choose Natural Serums for Hair Regrowth

Natural hair regrowth complexes do come in serum formats. The products that get high marks for being effective contain pea sprout complex, Chinese skullcap, soy, and wheat sprout. These have been used for ages to effectively restore hair growth, so any product that has one or more should provide you with long, thick hair without uncomfortable side effects.

Hair Growth Serums

The Chinese skullcap and soy and wheat help existing hair strands become denser. This contributes to their strength. If you find serums containing keratin, this also helps hair grow and thicken. It is found in many hair straightening serums too.

Effective serums may also contain caffeine. If that sounds strange, it actually works. It stimulates the hair follicles when applied to the scalp. This helps the circulation in the scalp and the regrowth of hair.

Read Reviews Online for The Best Serums

Make sure to read reviews for the best serums. Some are not designed for both men and women, Make sure you use the correct one for you. The problem with using a male formula on female hair is that it can cause hormonal problems.

Check to see what users say about the hair regrowth serums and their best haircare products. Find out if they see results and how long those results take. Be sure to find products that do not leave hair greasy. This can be a common problem with serums.

Supplement your use of serum with proper nutrition. Take supplements containing Biotin. This helps improve hair, nail and skin health. When hair strands are healthy they break less and tend to fall out less, too. Folate is another supplement to take because it contains an amino acid that thickens hair. That amino acid is L-arginine.

There are some serums that do contain amino acids like L-arginine. You may want to try those especially if your hair loss or thinning has been due to an illness or stress. When the body is stressed or the immune system compromised, hair can be one of the first things impacted. Take good care of your diet as well as apply your serum every day or as directed.

Hair loss and thinning hair can be dealt with effectively. There are plenty of natural, over-the-counter serums that will help you regrow your hair.