Finding Suppliers for Obsolete Electronic Components

If you run a repair shop, or you’re just someone who makes experiments and components for a hobby, then you’ve probably run into a few occasions where you would love to make something, but the components that you need are obsolete. In that instance, you will need to look for either a spares/hobby store, or find a company that still stocks those old and obsolete components.

Many older chips, and even really old and barely used things such as old vacuum tubes, can still actually be bought new. There are sellers and resellers that buy up old logic circuits and parts in bulk and sell them on to people who need them. There are also some companies that have bought up the rights to older ICs and still make them for people who need them. After all, if those ICs are needed for military or medical devices then it would not make sense for them to be completely unavailable. Such mission critical devices need to be easily repaired.

Electronic Devices

Obsolete electronic components can often be purchased in bulk in bags at electronics fairs. Another option is to purchase devices that are known to contain a lot of useful components, and that tend to be sold quite cheaply. Many people purchase printers for exactly that reason. Printers have a short useful life compared to other electronic devices – people get rid of them when the casing gets damaged, or when it becomes hard to buy replacement cartridges for them. The circuitry inside is usually fine, however, and includes a lot of things that people are likely to want to keep and use – such as motors, resistors, capacitors, some chips, and more. Often, the parts that can be salvaged have a lot of value, to the point that many people turn salvage into a business, buying up old devices for a few dollars each from people who simply want the space back in their homes, and then selling the components on.

Revitalizing An Old Machine

Do not assume that those old hobby circuit diagrams are no use to you now. Do not assume that if an old computer or toy is broken it is beyond repair. You can usually fix things up if you are willing to be patient, and if you can’t there is probably someone out there who can. You will need to shop around, and perhaps contact several different companies. Often, the original manufacturer of a device will be able to tell you if they sold on their old stock or their old blueprints, diagrams and rights to someone else, and that company may be willing to sell you the parts that you need. If you’re buying just one single part then that could cost a lot of money, but it is worth considering as a way of revitalizing an old machine. In some rare cases you might get away with a component that is similar, and a few modifications – the idea of the ‘bushfix’ lives on even in the world of consumer electronics. To know more about electronic components click here or visit the website.