Effective Ways To Use An Exfoliating Mitt?

Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells from your skin. There are many benefits of removing dead skin cells from the skin. It prevents clogged pores and acne and improves the appearance of the skin. When dull and damaged skin is removed, new healthy skin will grow in the area. Exfoliation mitts are some of the most effective tools for this purpose. In fact, an exfoliation mitt or glove is designed to be used with or without an exfoliant scrub. These gloves could be used for every part of the body without any problem. They are ideal for removing dead skin cells from large areas of the body – where small sponges are too time-consuming, and scrubs are expensive. Here are some of the most effective ways to use the best exfoliating mitt for your body.

best exfoliating mitt

Choose Lightweight Exfoliating Mitt

You should choose an exfoliating mitt that is lightweight and fits your hand comfortably. Very rough gloves can damage your skin. So avoid such products. You should try the exfoliation glove before you buy it to see if it fits properly. Once you have chosen a quality glove, it is easy to begin the exfoliation process.

How to Exfoliate Using Exfoliating Mitt?

First, wet your skin and the glove with warm water. Apply a few drops of an exfoliant scrub to the glove. It should form a lather. If required add more water until it forms a lather. Massage the skin by moving the glove over the skin using gentle pressure in circular motions. Don’t use the mitt near the eyes or any sensitive area. If you feel a burning sensation, stop the exfoliation and wait for some time for the skin to recover. Rinse the mitt to wash off dead skin cells from it. Exfoliation can increase the dryness of the skin. Hence, use a moisturizer to lock water into the skin. This whole process will help you get a healthy skin.

The above read offers effective ways to use an exfoliation mitt.