Effective Ichthyosis Treatments

Even though there are so many factors that can leave your skin dry and scaly, ichthyosis is one of the most common skin diseases in this regard. The condition cannot be completely cured, but there are many treatments that can relieve the symptoms of the condition and keep you feeling comfortable in your own skin. In fact, ichthyosis is not one disease but a combination of more than 20 skin conditions that lead to a dry and scaly skin. Here are effective ichthyosis treatments to cure the symptoms of the condition.

ichthyosis - scaly skin

Starting Period Of Ichthyosis

Ichthyosis can be inherited as well as acquired. Inherited ichthyosis is caused by changes in the genes. The changes in the genes can affect the proteins in the skin that help protect moisture in the skin. Parents will pass these genes to their kids. Some people act as carriers since they have the gene but don’t show any symptoms. On the other hand, acquired ichthyosis starts in the adulthood of an individual. Doctors are still unaware of the actual cause of this condition. In fact, patients who suffer from acquired ichthyosis suffer from other condition such as kidney disease, underactive thyroid gland, cancer such as Hodgkin lymphoma, HIV infections, and Sarcoidosis.

ichthyosis - scaly skin

Skin Care Treatments

Although there are no treatments to completely cure ichthyosis, there are treatments to manage the symptoms such as a dry and scaly skin using exfoliating gloves and other methods. There are various creams, ointments, and lotions that help add moisture onto your skin. You should look for a cream or ointment that has lanolin, alpha hydroxy acids, and propylene glycol. Also, creams with ceramides or cholesterol can help keep our skin moist. Apply the cream or lotion when your skin is still damp. These are some of the best treatments to deal with the symptoms of ichthyosis. The above read offers information on effective ichthyosis treatments. To know more visit https://microdermamitt.com/ichthyosis-treatment/.