Bring Along The Cornhole Board For Your Next Tailgating Party

What do you do when tailgating? Maybe you break out the drinks, stand around with your friends and just chit chat. There is usually food involved, too. You can step it up a notch if you want to involve games as well. In fact, one great idea for a game when you are tailgating is cornhole. Have you ever played corn hole before?

Cornhole: Easy to Play

The setup is simple, and the rules are easy. The game might not be that easy, but it is a lot of fun. This is a game that anyone can play, so no one is going to feel left out. Some people just might be better than others at the game. But you are going to need a cornhole champion for the tailgating party. If you go tailgating often at games or other events, then you can make this a usual thing.

Perhaps you have not been one for tailgating parties in the past. Maybe they just weren’t your thing until you realized that you could bring the games along. Maybe that will slow everyone down a little bit on their drinking. Of course, corn hole can become a drinking game as well. Either way you want to do it, it’s going to be fun for sure.

Buy Cornhole Bord Now!

If you don’t have a corn hole board, you can ask the people that your tailgating with to see if they have one. Other than that, you can either buy best quality cornhole sets or make one. It sounds easier to buy one, of course, but it might be cheaper just to go ahead and make it. People actually like making their own cornhole boards. You might find that you enjoy doing it, too. No matter what, it’s time to get that cornhole board ready for the next tailgating party and have some fun.

How To Find The Best Jewelry Repair Store Near Me?

A broken necklace or a wedding band with missing stones can be devastating to look at. You know that your favorite pieces of jewelry are worth the cost of repair services, but it’s finding the best jewelry repair store near you that’s the hardest task. You’re going into a jewelry store sight unseen and leaving your precious jewels with a stranger, which is why you need to do your homework!

Dayton jewelry

Search on Google

The first step is to use Google and type in ‘jewelry repair store near me’ along with your ZIP code. Usually, this will yield plenty of results in your area or neighboring​ cities. Take note of all of the local establishments offering to repair your jewelry as the more you have to choose from, the better.

Explore on Other Listing Websites

Websites such as Yelp or the White Pages are also invaluable resources when you need to find a place to get your jewelry repaired. Yelp is especially great as all listings come with client reviews whenever applicable. Even if you find a store using Google, always cross reference it using Yelp for helping gauge the level of service you can expect.

Dayton jewelry

Call Your Jewelry Stores

If you have a couple of fashion jewelry stores, or even just one, make sure you call them up and inquire about their jewelry repair services. It’s important to know what’s included in their repairs and how much it all costs. The more jewelry repair shops you have in your area, the pickier you can afford to be.

Look for High End Jewelry Store

No two jewelry repair services are alike, so whenever dealing with expensive jewels, try to find high-end jewelry stores to do the repair work. Poor quality repairs not only diminish the value of your Dayton jewelry, but they can be hard to look at. If a piece of jewelry was worth investing in, it’s guaranteed to be worth a quality repair job!

Classic Beauty With Rose Gold Engagement Rings

A rose gold engagement ring will give you a look and feel that is both modern and vintage all at the same time. Because of the stunning nature of this precious metal, these rings are able to make a beautiful distinctive choice when you really want to make an impression.

rose gold engagement rings

What is Rose Gold

This is a lustrous alloy that is a unique combination of both copper and gold. Looking back throughout time, rose gold rings have their roots with some of the earliest artisans and crafters of fine jewelry. Moving forward into modern times, rose gold engagement rings are even more sought after by brides who are looking for something striking, yet elegant.

Varieties of Rose Gold

In the world of specialized jewelry, rose gold is becoming more and more popular. There are a number of different varieties of the color palette for rose gold that fall under the umbrella of “rose gold”. These different colors include pink and red gold. In general, these are simply options where the more copper there is in the mixture, the redder the finished product of the ring will be.


There are several distinct advantages when it comes to buying rose gold engagement rings over the traditional white or yellow gold. To start with the rose gold rings are very durable, even more so that the white or yellow counterparts, but not quite as durable as platinum. Most styles are surprisingly affordable and rose gold will not have to have a rhodium plate like you would need with white gold. These rings have a wonderfully romantic, antique connotation because of the rose color and they are able to complement all different kinds of skin tones.

If you are looking for something special that will really give that special someone a stunning piece of jewelry, you cannot go wrong with one of the many beautiful designs available in rose gold engagement rings.

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Get That Corded Beard Trimmer To Shape Your Facial Hair Better

We all know that while cordless products and wireless products are preferred these days that they don’t always work out the best way that they were intended. When he won appeared charmer you want one that is going to work consistently for you every morning without fail. Does that mean you need to get a corded beard trimmer? There are some good ones and if you get one of those products that you don’t have to worry about the battery being charged.

Why Corded Trimmer

Of course, you always have to have that tremor plugged in, and that can be an issue if you don’t have a plugin available. For example, what are you going to do if you are on the fly and traveling? Some people might even have their beard trimmers in their vehicles. If you have enough time every morning to get ready, however, and you can find an outlet while traveling, then a corded beard trimmer is what you need.

One thing about a beard chamber with the battery is that even when it’s working, it might not be working at full power. That can cause problems when you are trying to create or construct the right beard when trimming. How do you usually trim your beard? What kind of a tumor do you really need to get the job done?

Save Money

You will want to make sure that the courted beard trimmer you buy is powerful enough. Therefore you might have to spend a little bit more money than you thought originally. Still, the corded beard trimmer actually should save you money over the cost of a cordless model. You will have to take a look at prices and see which corded trimmer fits your needs. They are quite popular again these days, so you should be able to find one that you like.

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Luxurious Decor Ideas

Transform Any Space With Luxury Chandeliers

Luxury chandeliers in the past were reserved for the grand dining rooms and vast entryways belonging to the wealthy. You would never dream of buying one for any other kind of space. However, times have changed. These days high-end chandeliers are not just used for complementing ultra elegant rooms and spaces. They can now also transform just about any space into an extraordinary experience.

A chandelier isn’t simply a way of lighting up a room – it makes a statement. The elegant and beautiful lights have been designed to make an impressive impact. They provide any room with an eye-catching focal point, and add luxury and elegance to any room or area. Chandeliers have the unique ability to transform any space and incorporate refinement and style anywhere you install one.

Types of Lighting Options

Luxury chandeliers come in all styles, colors, sizes and shapes. You can find a chandelier to complement any decor, ranging from rustic, farmhouse, contemporary, modern or traditional. You can choose from clear or silver options, or something more bold such as green, purple, pink or red.

You can incorporate a luxury chandelier into any room in your house You can even add one to an outdoor area for a modern and chic garden party or as a permanent solution to transform your backyard into a tranquil and elegance space.

That Special Feeling

Feel like royalty every single day by installing a chandelier inside your bedroom. These elegant lighting solutions offer a luxurious impress to a kitchen, powder room, living room, entrance way or any other space in our home that you would like to add a elegant sense of refinement to.

Nothing can revamp a worn out space the way a luxury chandelier can. Instead of spending a lot of effort, time and money on completely overhauling a room that appears to be lacing in something, why not install a chandelier to change the entire feel and look of the space. It can really make a world of difference.


The Proper Way to Shave Your Beard

A Guide To Picking A Good Corded Beard Trimmer

You can select a nice corded beard trimmer if you take your time. This is a great idea to work with mostly because it lets you shave without running out of batteries. Dealing with your beard can be terrible if you don’t have the right trimmer!

Best Corded Trimmer

A corded trimmer is going to have to come with some attachments so you can make sure that you don’t shave your beard too short or take too little off. You also should look into getting scissors that are for this kind of hair if they don’t come with the trimmer. No matter what you do, don’t just get a set of clippers with nothing else because then you’ll only have one option when it comes to length. It is ideal to get a kit that comes with the trimmer if you want to save money.

Check Out The Reviews

Reviews are important when you read about a beard trimmer that is corded. You can find out a lot about this type of thing in a review, as long as you find one that is detailed enough to teach you what you need to know about something like this. Anything that is just vague and says something like this is the best trimmer ever should be ignored. Sometimes people will write reviews because they get paid to and then you won’t know if the item is really good or if they’re just saying that to get compensated. One of our favorite places to see reviews is at:

Do Your Research

A lot of companies say they make the best corded beard trimmers. That’s not the case, however, especially if they are selling really cheap products. When it comes to beard care, you get what you pay for and you don’t want to damage your facial hair so be careful about what you buy. Check out our blog for more style and fashion tips: