Antique Jewelry Appraisal Dayton- An Overview

So, you own an antique piece of jewelry and what to sell it. But what if you do not know anything about the item’s value? Well, if that is the case, then you should consider a jewelry appraisal, conducted by a professional. And before you agree for an appointment for the item’s valuation, ensure you know what it’s needed for: To confirm the real value of the antique jewelry, visit jewelry stores located in dayton ohio and update your will with its value and even for insurance purposes.

Is Your Purpose Special or General?

If you consider your antique to be special, a family heirloom, for instance, you may want to obtain a valuation from someone reliable. You can begin with an average appraiser, but you may ideally want to consult an antique jewelry valuation specialist if you own an expensive diamond or stone. Contact well-known bodies like the American Society of Appraisers or the International society if appraisers if you need guidance or references in regards to this matter.

Antique Jewelry

Keep in mind that antique jewelry valuations in Dayton usually cost money for the appointment. Anything done more than a normal over the counter assessment will cost you more money. And for the perfect costing of jewelry, you should follow – Tips For Saving Money When Buying Jewelry. As such, you should not spend more than what your purpose requires. Negotiate the estimation cost upfront, and a reliable appraiser will be able to tell you this depending on the time he or she will need to complete the task. Avoid appraisers that charge a fixed percentage of the antique item’s worth.

If you want the valuation for auction reasons, you’ll come across estimators who can arrange for the auction and give you free appraisals if you let them auction your piece of jewelry.

Antique Jewelry Appraisal For Insurance or Tax Purposes

Antique Jewelry appraisal

Reasons for antique jewelry valuations are not all the same. If you want your item to be evaluated for tax or insurance reasons, then get it in writing. If will certainly help you in estate sales. All you need to do is inform the evaluate that you need a valuation for finding the retail value of an antique item.

Get It Checked by The Appraiser

It takes more than descriptions, images and even emails to make a correct jewelry appraisal. The elevator has to see and check the piece. Even though pictures can help to some extent, having the piece practically checked will tell what kind of quality stones the piece has and whether it’s fake or not.

Antique Jewelry Valuation Dayton- A Few Final Tips

If you are buying a diamond or a gemstone, do not expect the lowest cost to be the best value as antique pieces vary a lot in terms of value and quality. One-carat of real diamond may cost you up to $35,000, but you can also find the same size but lower grade diamond for even less than $5,000.

A certified jewelry appraiser should conduct an antique jewelry valuation. For the best estimation, search for one who is known, to be honest, and reliable when it comes to valuation.